A company dedicated to a sustainable environment

Who are we

Maetrics ® comes into being within the Officinæ Verdi ® – JV Unicredit ® WWF ® group as an operating company, placing its main focus on smart solution engineering for energy management and building automation. A flair for the trends of the moment and an ability to use the latest technology make it possible for Maetrics ® to provide Cloud solutions and IoT platforms for an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as skills in the Real Estate, Large-scale Retail Trade, Industry, and Entertainment sectors.

What we do

In tandem with Officinæ Verdi ®, Maetrics ® operates at the designing, hardware and software provider, and commissioning levels of the systems in all those situations where a normal BMS (Building Management System) would not be able to comply with the smart requirements typically used in the Officinae Verdi ® group solutions.

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